Railway Barracks

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About Railway Barracks

If you're looking for a venue to hire exclusively, with accommodation, our recently renovated historic Railway Barracks has an events hall, fully equipped kitchen, dining area, shared bathrooms and sleeps 44 people. The landscaped garden features a Southern Aurora railway carriage on its own private railway platform, perfect for entertaining and photo opportunities.

Suitable for a wide range of different activities, such as: * Corporate retreats, * Yoga and Writers retreats, * Care and bike clubs (we are 10 minutes away from Wakefield Park race track), * Christmas and New Year's Eve gatherings.

We are 2 hours drive from Sydney, 1 hour from Canberra and only a few minutes from local shops and restaurants in Goulburn.

If you are train enthusiast, we are also in the process of renovating a first-class sleeper Southern Aurora carriage (NAM2328) representing Australia's first direct Inter-City express service between Sydney and Melbourne. Also, conveniently located across the road is the Goulburn Heritage Rail Museum.


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Contact email address: hello@railwaybarracks.com.au

Venue Website: http://www.railwaybarracks.com.au

Contact phone: 0414 964 781

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185KM to Sydney Airport
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