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About Outback Astronomy

Why not "hang out with the stars"R at Outback Astronomy in Broken Hill. This venue offers privacy for meetings and events within a wonderfully immersive astronomy-themed environment. During the day, the venue is available as a private outback oasis featuring large grassed areas, swimming pool, BBQ facilities and meeting rooms. Your hosts will cater for all your needs as far as possible. In the evening, unwind and take a virtual tour of the Milky Way Galaxy. Outback Astronomy offers entertaining astronomy sky shows suitable for the novice. Guests relax in reclined comfort snuggled in warm sleeping bags, armed with hot chocolate and binoculars. They listen to real-time commentary via personal audio systems while their sky guide highlights objects with a powerful laser pointer. There's no better place to contemplate your dreams and plans than under the vast, clear Aussie outback sky. All sky shows are suitable for novice gazers. If you seek a venue to make memorable impression, bring your friends and colleagues to this outback venue that comes with a twist of astro-info-tainment.


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Contact email address: linda@outbackastronomy.com.au

Venue Website: https://www.outbackastronomy.com.au/

Contact phone: 0427055225

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1000KM to Sydney Airport
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