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Region: Central Coast

Activities - Local Tour Provider

Darkinjung Cultural Tours is an Aboriginal owned and operated Tourism Company that offers unique Aboriginal cultural experiences across Darkinjung Country on the beautiful and scenic Central Coast of NSW.

The walking tours are conducted by our local experienced Aboriginal guides who will take you on a journey of our Aboriginal cultural history, sharing our cultural knowledge of our people and our stories, as well as our wisdom, spirituality, customs and beliefs.

Our tours offer a personal experience that enriches all people's lives through learning about Aboriginal culture in Australia. Our tours can cater up to 60 people and usually take 5 hrs, visiting traditional midden sites, waterfalls, spiritual caves, rock engraving, rock art and local plant life.  We can tailor shorter tours that suit your group's requirements and can also provide a bush food infused morning team and lunch option. 


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Contact email address: kevin.duncan@dlalc.org.au

Contact phone: 0438 248 261

Website: https://www.darkinjung.com.au

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