Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters

About Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters

Region: North Coast

Activities - Team Building Activity Provider (eg. Cheesemaking Workshop, Putt Putt Golf, Paddle Boarding lesson, Wellness activity)

Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters is a unique, fully interactive aquarium experience located in Port Stephens, NSW.  Great for a team building exercise, educational or a recreational break out event. 

Your delegates will experience ocean life in a new and exciting way, by meeting hundreds of magnificent sharks and rays, up close and personal. It's an opportunity for each and every delegate to connect with the natural world.

We provide guided tours through the facility, where your delegates will learn about a huge variety of shark and ray species and their importance to our oceans.

Delegates can embark on their journey from either the sides of the tanks or go into the water with the animals swimming freely around, where there are continuous opportunities to feed and interact with these mysterious creatures. Wetsuits and water shoes or waders are provided for an in-water experience. Your delegates will leave with a whole new appreciation of sharks and rays after experiencing their graceful beauty.


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