"Coming to a conference here in Regional NSW is like a holiday - the weather's perfect, the people are great, and it's been a thoroughly enjoyable experience"

-- Australian Wagyu Conference 2017 delegate / Albury --

"There are so many positives for delegates to hold conferences in regional NSW ...they get to escape the city and see Australia at it's absolute best, get in touch with our native wildlife, get away from the skyscrapers and big buildings...."

Dan Rumsey, Australian Reptile Park, Central Coast --

"It's kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity, to come to a place like this, flying in, you fly over these amazing vistas of deserts and creeks and rivers and streams and things that you just don't see"

-- Jessica Price-Purnell, Chair of The Young Nationals NSW, Broken Hill --

"Regional areas do have great coffee, they have great shops, they have great galleries, and really great venues"

-- Founder, NSW Regional Events Conference / Wagga Wagga --

"When people walk away, not only have they learnt something at the conference, but they've also visited a place that is quite unique, where the mountains meet the sea, and they get to just move around in the freedom of being in a regional area"

-- Denise Knight, Mayor of Coffs Harbour --

"The extra things that a regional conference can bring in terms of participant experience is really a chance to explore that local culture"

-- Phil Wishart, Principal Advisor, Major Sport Events, Office of Sport --