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About Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery is the region's hub for presenting and supporting contemporary art. The Gallery presents an ongoing program of ambitious exhibitions across painting, sculpture, video and more, with the entrance 'Snapshot' gallery space always dedicated to a local artist. Since opening in 1982, it has presented over 5,000 exhibitions and toured several nationally.

Each year, the Gallery supports over 100 artists to exhibit and develop work and is always experimenting with new ways to present and discuss the arts. It also runs an extensive program for children through to adults ranging from free guided exhibition tours, practical activities and workshops.

Staff are always happy to provide an impromptu tour of every exhibition so don't be afraid to ask at the front desk. On the first Friday of each exhibition a free talk is hosted by the Director or Curator and reveals the ins and outs of the current show.

The Gallery is a lively space where conversation and interaction is encouraged! The Gallery Store is located right at the entrance and features carefully selected artisan products from textiles to jewellery that more often than not have a sustainable or ethical premise at a range of price points.


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Contact email address: artgallery@goulburn.nsw.gov.au

Venue Website: http://goulburnregionalartgallery.com.au/site/

Contact phone: 02 4823 4494

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