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Region: North Coast

Activities - Local Tour Provider

Table Under a Tree is family owned and operated food tourism business based in the NSW Northern Rivers. A commitment to food provenance and hands-on experience - with an overlay of convenience - easily provides visitors an opportunity to taste, explore and connect with the real people, real places and real food of the region.

Table has been built from personal food curiosity, a sense of adventure and a love of storytelling and we proudly offer two products:

  • Bespoke farm and foodie tours for groups ranging from 2-20. Each tour is designed in consultation with the guests or event organisers to ensure we provide the best experience.
  • Gourmet, locally sourced ready-to-cook meal pods delivered to visitors at their accommodation. Guests cook their own gourmet meal following recipe cards and using the precisely measured and complete set of local ingredients.

At the heart of Table is our the desire to connect you with the producers behind the food and tell their stories. We want to provide you with more than a paddock-to-plate exchange; we want to give you a personal, more authentic, farmer-to-diner experience.

Contact us to find out how we can add provenance, experience and convenience to your conference or event.


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